In our world today, Internet and Data Connectivity are paramount to the success of almost any Business, Research, Services, NGO’s or Millitary Ventures. Providing the ability to connect to data resources anywhere, anytime lies at the very core of the services offered by Danway Technologies Resources Limited. Today, VSAT systems are widely used in some parts of the world suffering a lack of communications infrastructure and people, businesses and organizations have been relying more and more on satellite links for their everyday essential communications needs. However, poor technologies, unreliable providers and high costs usually end in customers’ dissatisfaction. Danway Technologies Resources Limited is changing all this. We can do VSAT network design, integration and services in remote regions throughout the world. Our engineers have helped businesses and organizations to successfully accomplish their business goals and missions with field-proven, professional VSAT satellite technologies backed up with superior support services. We provide robust, secure and reliable platforms that provide cost-effective, professional, enterprise-wide connectivity for virtually any professional data, video or audio application