The increasing technological advances in CCTV, makes it ever more important to choose a company with up-to-date product knowledge and in-depth installation experience. Danway Technologies Resources Limited offers both traditional static cameras and the latest joystick-controlled, high-speed dome cameras with 30x optical zoom lenses and low-light capabilities. Linked to the latest generation of digital multiplexer/hard disk recorders, these systems have the ability to record at the rate of six frames per camera, per second. They can store up to 6 months of video to hard disk, which is available for instant recall with no degradation of image quality.

Danway Technologies Resources Limited has also installed Cisco radio networks in situations where linking outlying buildings, up to 3 miles away, proved otherwise impossible. Using IP cameras and multiplexers, the video signal can be carried over the network at a rate of 11kb back to a central control room. Other possibilities include remote monitoring of sites from the company’s central station. In the event of unauthorised activity, the central monitoring station will be alerted to the situation and can observe it via the CCTV cameras, even talking to the intruders over an optional public address system.